Bridge Street Group offers targeted expertise gained from decades of experience in the public and private sectors. Our goal is to move beyond opening doors and to be your partner in advocacy, strategy, and analysis.


Trusted, dependable advocates are a rare commodity. You need a team that intimately understands your goals and works for you with unfading commitment. Bridge Street Group will be in your corner using our contacts and expertise to push your agenda through sometimes seemingly insurmountable opposition.

Strategic Planning

You have the vision to see your organization’s future goals. Allow us to help you chart a course for arriving at those destinations, and in collaboration with you delineating the path to reach other goals that had not yet come into view. Bridge Street Group has the experience needed to take your ideas and objectives and turn them into reality.

Policy Analysis

It takes years to see beyond the noise in Washington, DC, to know what matters and what doesn’t. It’s important that you not waste time on legislation that has no chance of moving in Congress and even more important to know when a seemingly innocuous bill could undermine or even destroy your fundamental interests. Allow Bridge Street Group to help you filter out the noise and distill and decipher the information that truly matters so you can focus on success.